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Operational Framework

Documentation and Local Content

GRA will continue to document and report human angle situations in Nigeria Northeast mostly affected by the Boko Haram conflict. The community-led assessments and data mapping focuses on issues, challenges and needs of the internally displaced persons and local actors aimed expanding the civic space and promoting the quality of human life at the local level.

Datification and System Evaluation

Databasing and evaluation of intervention systems including strategies and processes is being mainstreamed to reflect the context and dynamics of issues around socio economic development, climate change, local governance, conflict, security and transitional justice.

Impact and Need Assessments

Central to all our activities is evidence-based programme approaches to provide durable solutions to underlying grassroots issues. GRA conducts needs assessments, community-led analysis and action planning for inclusive and increased access to services by vulnerable groups with focus on human rights, climates change, security and governance issues. Our goal is to highlight gaps for effective programming.

Counseling and Pro-bono services

Using multi-sector approach, we work with mental health experts, psychologists and social workers to provide trauma and psychosocial support services to survivors, victims and families of missing persons and human rights violations. Also, through its team of pro-bono lawyers, GRA provides pro-bono legal support services to victims of human rights violations and abuses and also utilize non judicial processes including ADR approaches to resolve potential and existing conflicts in northeast Nigeria.

Capacity Building and Trainings

Human capital development in form of skills based trainings, fellowships and workshops is key to our goal to provide learning opportunities to IDPs, community members, local institutions and civil society actors. GRA aims to build a competent pool of grassroots activists in collaboration with government and development partners working in northeastern Nigeria.

Dialogue and Sensitization

We harness a wide range of I.T resources, learning materials and participatory approaches to sensitise local communities, community leaders, religious scholars, civil society actors and government officials about counter-terrorism principles and other social problems in northeast Nigeria.

Knowledge Product and Campaign

Our goal is to be a data hub and a reference point for well-researched knowledge products on local issues to guide decision-making and programming in areas of socio-economic development, human rights, climate change, conflict security and justice, as well as local governance. GRA utilizes the knowledge gained from research to carryout advocacies and campaigns against harmful practices and also promote peace, resilience and development at the grassroots communities.