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Program Focus

GRA in its visions to facilitate grassroots development, social justice and victims support across communities focuses its intervention on the following thematic areas:
Climate Change Initiatives (CCI)
The issue of climate change is a stack reality that affects the activities of local communities in the northeast Nigeria on a daily basis. Environmental experts have analyzed the ongoing fragilities in the northeast including the Boko Haram violence and Fulani headers conflict as impact of climate change. In the next four years, GRA prioritizes to engage with relevant stakeholders by facilitating actions and initiatives, and also by supporting rural farmers, herders, traders, fishermen, women and the girl-child at all level on traditional methods of preserving the environment. Programmes will centre on the socio-economic impact of climate change in areas of food security, human rights, conflicts and security.

Conflict, Security and Justice (CSJ)
We aim to sustain our support to the fight against Boko Haram by contributing with data, analysis and actions against the root causes, challenges, implications and impacts of conflict, including access to social services and livelihood, transitional justice and security situation in the northeastern Nigeria. We focus on providing hope to the internally displaced persons in camps and local communities through sensitization about resilience and countering violence extremism (PCVE) efforts; human rights and access to justice, security and other services especially by vulnerable groups such as survivors, persons living with disabilities (PLWD), especially women, children and young girls in the affected communities.

Social Economic Development (SED)
To address some of the root causes of conflict and insecurity, poverty, social-economic rights and justice, GRA in the next four years has identified issues around socio-economic development to improving the quality of human life. Our interventions in this regard will focus on youth, women and girl-child empowerment, provision of psychosocial support to victims especially women, children and youth at risk. We will also explore partnerships with public and private sectors for referral and linkages for services uptake, care and support to most vulnerable persons.

Local Good Governance (LGG)
The idea of social and local governance audit fascinates and sits boldly in our initiatives and actions for the next four years. Holding local governments accountable to the people at the grassroots level by way of social audit including budget tracking, accountability forums and projects assessments is our core goal. We also strengthen local institutions in mainstreaming human rights, peace building, gender equality and good governance at the grassroots level.