Our Profile

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Our Core Values


Fair and objective representations, not limited to religious views, gender, age, status, and ethnicity in carrying out our activities.


We take Pragmatic actions to achieve measurable outcomes in protecting the rights and welfare of people at the grassroots.


Creativity of actions and improvements on programs is a guiding principle in all our activities and engagements


We take proactive and active measures in tackling issues concerning human rights, governance, livelihood and socio-economic welfare at the grassroots.


Complying with international standards, with clear strategies, goal-setting and action plans for effective and measurable results.

Our History

Grassroots Researchers Association (GRA) was inaugurated in Maiduguri, Borno State, in 2009 as a response to the insurgency in northeastern Nigeria. The organization was formally registered with the federal Corporate Affairs Commission in 2016. It was initially conceived as a flexible association of independent grassroots researchers from different professions and backgrounds spanning the country’s six geopolitical zones. This collective was engaged in the monitoring and documentation of Nigeria’s perennial intra-communal conflicts and religious disputes. The goal was to create an evidence-driven resource for the government, development partners, academics, and researchers to make enlightened decisions on sustainable solutions.

Our Profile

As a non-profit and non-political organization, GRA’s primary purpose is conflict resolution through the provision of in-depth evidence-based research. We believe empirical data can be used to help provide context specific solutions to Nigeria’s troubled regions. Our independent analysis documents both the violence and the efficacy of government responses, and is designed to influence policymakers at the national, state and local government levels. GRA cooperates with national and international organizations in the capacity building of networks of human rights defenders, community mobilizers and good governance advocates, to document violations that impacts on the livelihoods and security of Nigerians. GRA’s ultimate goal is to help build conditions for peace and development, where the rights of the poor and oppressed are respected.