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Board of Trustees

Ladi Clark Musa


Is a social worker with over 35 years of experience working in child and women's rights and social welfare as a civil servant before moving into humanitarian work in Borno State and Northeast Nigeria. She has worked with the Borno State Ministry of Woman Affairs and Social Development, overseeing social services and activities across diverse human social strata with UNICEF, Maiduguri Specialist Hospital, and Maiduguri Orphanage Home. She has led the establishment of many child-friendly spaces across IDP camps and host communities in Borno State and has provided psychosocial support training to over 1000 community volunteers and animators responding to humanitarian needs in the Northeast. She has led different high-level delegations across different countries towards enhancing inclusive humanitarian response in Borno State with a special bias for women's empowerment and child and women's rights.

Timothy Ali Yohanna


Is a community-based researcher with expertise in program management, and coordination. In Northeast Nigeria, he has worked on conflict-related issues for more than 13 years, documenting, promoting, and campaigning for the rights of survivors and people with disabilities at the local level. His areas of research interests include political and economic analysis, conflict analysis, and reparations for survivors of conflict related sexual violence. His work has helped shape international policies and the evaluation of current programs to meet needs. He has been the driving force behind the establishment of the Nigerian Network of Sexual Survivors with the support of the Mukwege Foundation (MF), which enhances women's capacity to effectively combat damaging gender norms in their communities. In the Lake Chad region, he supervised community-led action to enhance capacity and oversight on human rights principles in counterterrorism. He holds an MSc in Research and Public Policy.

Rukaiya Ibrahim


Is an experienced program management specialist with a diverse background in the education sector. She has over 13 years of progressive experience, including managing partnerships in donor-funded education programs. Rukaiya's expertise spans various areas such as project management, training, and capacity building, with a focus on inclusive education standards, gender and disability mainstreaming, and child safeguarding. She is adept at fostering strong and lasting relationships with stakeholders. Her expertise also extends to learning material and educational assessment tool design, process improvement, data collection and analysis, and the utilization of ASER tools like EGRA, EGMA, and SEL. Rukaiya holds a bachelor's degree in economics, Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management and in Education, an MA in developmental studies, and an M. Tech in Education Administration and Planning highlighting her commitment to advancing education for all.

Ada James Emmanuel


Is a program strategic management and leadership expert with a technical focus in peacebuilding, social cohesion, security governance, protection, institutional capacity strengthening, and localization, with a background in humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding. He takes pride in his career progression, starting as a volunteer in a national non-governmental organization (NGO), where he grew to the top management of the organization before moving to International NGOs, where he held strategic roles in different organizations, including MAG International, Tetra Tech International Development, International Alert, and Search for Common Ground, among others. He is also a researcher with interests in political, economic, and conflict analysis, stabilization, post-conflict development, and security governance. He holds an International Diploma in Project Management, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, a Masters in Development Studies, and an MSc in Public Health, with other professional trainings across a range of thematic areas.

Jaqueline Namuye Muture


Is an exceptional advocate for women's rights, with a profound impact in addressing sexual abuse. As the founder of a community-based group dedicated to combating sexual violence, she fervently fights for reparations and justice for survivors. Her advocacy transcends borders, connecting her with individuals across South Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, The Gambia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As a skilled women's human rights defender, Jaqueline collaborates with governments to address historical injustices and human rights violations. Her impactful strategies, developed with other human rights defenders and survivor groups, have brought about positive change. Jaqueline's critical role in the Kinshasa Global Declaration for the Reparations of Sexual Violence underscores her contributions. Beyond her advocacy, she serves as a Mental Health Champion for Suicide Prevention and is actively involved in developing survivor-centered initiatives. With a nursing degree from the School of Nursing in Kakamega, she actively practices as a registered clinical nurse in various healthcare areas in Nairobi. Her dedication and tenacity as the Chairwoman for the Nairobi County constituency of Embakasi South (DAP-K, Democratic Action Party of Kenya) drive her continuous pursuit of meaningful change and empowerment.

Maryam Aje


Is a dedicated advocate for women's rights and a champion for human rights, democracy, and the rule of law. As the Executive Director of the African Youth for Peace Development and Empowerment Foundation, she has led efforts to promote gender equality in North-Eastern Nigeria for over 9 years. Maryam actively participates in impactful campaigns on peace-building and education at local, national, and international levels notably; ’Enrolling and Keeping Girls Child in School’’ with Advocacy Nigeria, ‘’WorldAtschool’’ with Litworld international and ‘’UpForSchool‘’ campaign to raise 10million signature in promoting equal and quality education to every child. She is a member of the Partnership Against Violent Extremism in Nigeria (PAVE) and has contributed her expertise to projects countering conditions conducive to terrorism. With a sociology bachelor's degree, Maryam continues to work towards creating a brighter future with equality and empowerment for women, girls and boys.

Grace Achan


Is a dedicated advocate for women who have endured the ravages of war in Northern Uganda. As a survivor of the infamous Lord's Resistance Army conflict, she co-founded the Women's Advocacy Network in 2011, a Community-Based Organization working extensively with women who have experienced sexual violence during conflicts. Her focus extends to supporting women and children affected by war, particularly in securing the financial future of children born from forced marriages. Grace's remarkable work involves connecting these survivors with their fathers' families. She has held significant roles with organizations like the Gender Justice Unit of the Justice and Reconciliation Project and served as a Project Officer for the Reparations Project. Graduating from Gulu University with a bachelor's degree in development studies, she has excelled as a researcher, tackling justice, accountability, and community mobilization topics, even at the international level. As a testament to her experiences, Grace authored the book, "Not yet sunset: A story of survival and perseverance in LRA captivity." Her unwavering dedication continues to bring hope and support to the lives of countless survivors in Northern Uganda.